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A internship is an open door offered by a business to potential  employees, called interns, to work at a firm or company for a fixed, limited period of time. Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last for any length of time between one week to 12 months.

The Internship Experience

Internships offer students a period of practical experience in the industry relating to their field of study. This experience is valuable to students as a means of allowing them to experience how their studies are applied in the “real world”, and as work experience “hat can be profoundly appealing to employers on a candidate’s CV.

Who are Interns?

Interns are generally university students, or university graduates who have not yet found employment. Interns are less frequently college students (under 18) or older “career changers”.

What do Interns do?

An intern is someone who works in a temporary position for an employer that operates in an industry they are interested in working in. Unlike conventional employment, internships have an emphasis on training, rather than employment itself.

Why do an Internship?

An internship provides a great opportunity for prospective employees to gain experience in a particular field or industry, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain university module credits. Interns may also have the possibility of putting themselves forward for forthcoming opportunities for paid work, during their internship. 

In which area Mlewzklawz provide internship ?

As We are Company as well as Training Center, we provide students to get the live experience on industry project.

We offer internship in .NET, Java, PHP, HR, Marketing and Android.


  • Opportunity to learn under the professional and experienced software programmers.
  • Gain the ability and credentials required to score the best software engineers jobs in the industry.
  • Get the confidence and knowledge to handle all kinds of challenges in real-time work environment.
  • The main benefit to the student is enhancing employ-ability and increasing the industry readiness for the IT industry.

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