Java Script Introduction

  • What Is Java Script?
  • Why Use of Java Script?
  • How Java Script Work?
  • Overview of Java Script with Example?
  • Define Java Script Tags with Examples?

  Java Script Comment Tag 

  • What Is Comment Tag?
  • Why Use of Comment tag with Example?
  • Why Use of Single Line Comment Tag?

Java Script Variable 

  • What Is Java Script?
  • Why Use of Variables Explain with Example?
  • Write Different Programs in Variables?

Java Script Data Type

  • What Is Data Type?
  • Why Use Java Script in Data Type Explain?
  • Different Data Types Explain with Example?

Java Script Operators

  • What Is Operators?
  • Why Use Different Java Script Data Type with Example?
  • Write a Program Using Java Script Operators?

Java Script If Statement

  • What Is If Statement?
  • Why Use in If Statement in Java Script with Example?
  • Write Different Programs in using If Statement?

Java Script Switch Case Statement

  • What Is Switch Case Statement?
  • Why Use In Java Script Switch Case statement?
  • Write a Different Program in Switch Case Statement?

Java Script Loop

  • What Is Looping Statement?
  • Why Use of Loop and Explain Types of Loop with Example?
  • Write a Program in Looping Statement?

 Java Script Function

  • What is Java Script Function?
  • Why Use of Function with Example?
  • Write a Program in Function?

Java Script Array

  • What Is Array?
  • Why Use in Array Explain with Examples?
  • Write Different Programs in Array?

Java Script Validation

  • What Is Validation?
  • Why Use in Validation with Example?
  • Write a Program in Java Script Validation?

Java Script Email Validation

  • Write a Program in Email Validation?
  • Mobile Validation
  • Blank Space validate


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