Getting Up and Running PHP

  • Introducing to PHP
  • What is PHP
  • Why Use PHP
  • The Evolution of PHP
  • What’s New in PHP

PHP Language Basics

  • Using Variables in PHP
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Constants

Decision and Looping

  • Making Decisions
  • Doing Repetitive Tasks with Looping
  • Mixing Decisions
  • Looping with HTML


  • The Anatomy of an Array
  • Creating Arrays
  • Accessing Array Elements
  • Looping Through Array with For each


  • What is a Function
  • Why Function are Useful
  • Calling Function
  • Working with Variables Functions
  • Writing your Own Functions

Handing HTML Forms with PHP

  • How HTML Forms Work
  • Capturing Form Data with PHP
  • Dealing with Multivalve Fields
  • Generating web Forms with PHP
  • Storing PHP Variables in Forms
  • Creating File Upload Forms
  • Redirecting After a Form Submission

Preserving Stat with Query Strings, Cookies, and Sessions

  • Saving Stat with Query Strings
  • Working with Cookies
  • Using PHP Sessions to Store Data

Working with Files and Directories

  • Understanding Files And Directories
  • Opening and Closing Files
  • Reading and writing to Files
  • Working with File Permissions

Introducing and Data Base

  • Deciding How to Store Data
  • Understanding Relational Data Base
  • Setting Up MYSQL
  • A Quick Play With MYSQL
  • Connecting to MYSQL Form PHP

Retrieving Data Form MYSQL with PHP

  • Setting Up The Book Club Data Base
  • Retrieving Data with Select
  • Creating a Member Record Viewer


  • A brief History of Data Base
  • Relational Data Base Concepts
  • Database Tables
  • MYSQL Data Types
  • Introduction to PMyadmin
  • Creating and Checking Tables
  • Auto_increment and Primary Keys
  • Inserting Values into Tables


  • Job Assistance
  • Pay Fees in Installments / EMI
  • Technical Support after Course Completion
  • Back up Classes Available
  • Attend Demo class
  • Course Complete Certificate
  •  Lab Facility
  • Real Time Project


  • Total 60  hours Class
  • 1 on 1 Trining
  •  You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on each Topic
  • Free Study E-Material, PDFs, Video Trainings
  • Flexible Timimg
  •  Online Trainings provided

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